Workshop on Advanced USC coal-fired power plants

Vienna, Austria, 19-20 September 2012   

The Workshop took place in Vienna on 19-20 September and focused on materials testing and plant design for the highest possible plant efficiencies. Development work is ongoing in China, Europe, India, Japan and the USA where there are plans to design and build demonstration plants over the coming years. This first Workshop brought together those with a common interest in the research and development necessary to bring such plants to fruition. The Workshop was hosted by EVN in Vienna, Austria and was organised by IEA Clean Coal Centre in cooperation with the VGB, Germany.

The first session of the Workshop was dedicated to the IEA's High Efficiency, Low Emissions (HELE) Roadmap. The HELE Coal Technology Roadmap will be an important addition to the series of technology roadmaps the IEA has been publishing since 2009. It will focus on coal use in power generation and consider the role of coal-fired power generation in reducing global energy-related CO2 emissions substantially bellow current levels.

All Attendees can read and download the papers and presentations. To see them, you must login, then go to the conference programme. Open the sessions by clicking on the arrows at the right hand side of the session title. The written papers are indicated by an Adobe pdf symbol and the presentations by a screen symbol.

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Vienna photo 
Vienna photo